Sunday, 4 March 2012

Macmillan Children's Book Competition

One of the spreads that I've been working on and how I use mixed media to build up the final image.

Once I have my rough and photos, I usually start with painting up the background and adding in the photos.  I've used crayons in the background and then watercolours, built up in layers.

Penwork usually follows and some patterns.  Finally, I paint up the main character and bring the whole image together in Photoshop by using masks and adjustment layers.

If you're interested in details of this competition please follow this link:

I hope you have enjoyed this post.


I've been waiting to hear from Norman Greenbaum about uploading this video and have just received confirmation from his partner Erik that I can use it.  So here it is, my first ever animation, made whilst studying at Cannock College and I still think it's kind of cute.