Thursday, 30 August 2012

Others by James Herbert

Others by James Herbert
Sample Book Cover

I've just returned from a lovely week away in Italy, refreshed and full of optimism again. Having read a couple of books on holiday I chose to paint this book cover for "Others" by James Herbert. Great book by the way. Hope you like my interpretation. I'm a big James Herbert fan and love all the books I've read by him, so what better way to unleash my imagination.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Struggling Illustrator

Thought I'd post about the struggles after leaving university. I've sent my first batch of dummy children's books out, written to quite a few agencies and contacts and have had quite a lot of rejections. This is to be expected, but it is hard to remain positive. I have so many avenues that need to be explored but I need to produce more artwork in these areas, so I feel like I'm not getting anywhere. I expect there are a lot of people in my position. On a more positive note, the Tigerprint Design a Day competition finishes today so I shall have more time to produce artwork and target more people. This has also given me quite a lot of artwork that I can use and hopefully will lead to some freelance work. I also applied for a freelance position through GumTree and it looks like I will be a resident book cover illustrator for a design agency. This is great news and has lifted my spirits up. I hope things start to get better, but for now I'm going to enjoy creating lots of new work and keeping my eyes open for opportunities.