Friday, 4 July 2014

Sacred Hare Book on Sale

I received a most beautiful gift in the post yesterday evening. After a long day's work this was such a surprise and I was so pleased to see the different illustrations throughout this large book. The range of illustrations make it so interesting and the writings by various authors are so inspirational I couldn't help flicking through the pages several times.

I am so grateful to Sharon for writing the accompanying text to some of my illustrations that feature in this book. Her insight is amazing and I felt that there was a true connection between her words and what I was conveying through my artwork.

Sharon Zak at Slippery Jacks has done a fabulous job of bringing together this book and raising funds from its sale for the Hare Preservation Trust:

"within its pages you are gifted a magical journey with the Hare, across the fields and meadows of springtime and into the dark of night. Journey with the Sacred Hare. Hear Her call to your wild side. This book, created by Sharon Zak, brings together some of the very best artists and writers who have danced with the hare".

If you'd like to order your copy, please visit her website at