Friday, 4 July 2014

Sacred Hare Book on Sale

I received a most beautiful gift in the post yesterday evening. After a long day's work this was such a surprise and I was so pleased to see the different illustrations throughout this large book. The range of illustrations make it so interesting and the writings by various authors are so inspirational I couldn't help flicking through the pages several times.

I am so grateful to Sharon for writing the accompanying text to some of my illustrations that feature in this book. Her insight is amazing and I felt that there was a true connection between her words and what I was conveying through my artwork.

Sharon Zak at Slippery Jacks has done a fabulous job of bringing together this book and raising funds from its sale for the Hare Preservation Trust:

"within its pages you are gifted a magical journey with the Hare, across the fields and meadows of springtime and into the dark of night. Journey with the Sacred Hare. Hear Her call to your wild side. This book, created by Sharon Zak, brings together some of the very best artists and writers who have danced with the hare".

If you'd like to order your copy, please visit her website at 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Facebook Page

I now have a Facebook Page for my illustration work, please help by sending lots of "Likes" and "Follows".

Facebook Link

Maria Forrester Illustration

The Pop-Up Shop is Back

PopUP WM Website
After trundling around in the heavy rain with more art prints to take to the Pop Up Shop, we finally found it. I'm not that familiar with Wolverhampton town centre but the shop is at the back entrance to the Mander Centre, next to Forbidden Planet on Victoria Street. It was certainly a surprise when we found it, so much bigger than the last one and looks amazing. A brand new website as well. I really hope this one works out as the guys at the Shop have worked so hard and are so friendly and enthusiastic. Please drop in and offer some support for all the local artists.

PopUp WM Website Link

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Commissioning Illustrators

Some of the Artwork for the Book Cover
It's really lovely when some of your clients keep in touch and send you little snippets of information. I did a book cover for Janine Amos and she has written a blog post on working with illustrators. There's also a very useful link (from the AOI) for authors who are considering using an Illustrator.

Commissioning Illustrators Blog

Guide to Commissioning

Monday, 17 March 2014

Pop-Up Shop

Unfortunately, the Pop-up Shop in West Bromwich is looking for new premises, hopefully it won't be too long before everyone's work is back on sale again.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Athariya-Jeunesse Illustrator Scam

Hi All,

My illustration
Thought I'd just post about this company who are based in Paris and looking for illustrators. I received a nice email before Christmas that goes like this:

employing illustrators
Sent Messages

Dar el Athariya

to me
We are a publishing house. Our office is situated in France “Paris”. We are specialized in theproduction of educational products for children, such as books, books with CD, puzzles, cards, posters and different other products. We have a large daily needs in terms of illustrations, since we have many projects under development. 
We are attracted by your portfolio which is very interesting in terms of illustrations and color choices.
Since we have many projects under development, we are looking for illustrators to illustrate for small children under the age of 9 years old.
Please try to respond as soon as possible on in order to have an agreement and to start a long work relationship with us.
We are looking forward for your soon reply.
Best regards.
15 emails later (negotiating price etc) and they offered me a job to work on illustrations for a number of publications. This was just before Christmas to start in the New Year. I haven't heard from them since and have found another blog about this scam which you might also find interesting.

I have no idea what information they were trying to get from this but just wanted to make other people aware who are in a similar position to me. Illustrators are far too trusting and unfortunately I was one of them. The moral of this story is your time is precious, don't provide illustrations without being paid.

Friday, 7 February 2014

PopUpWM Shop

Thought I would share this opportunity for artists to exhibit their work in West Bromwich for 6 weeks.

This is open to all "Arty" people so if you're interested visit: for more details.

I'll be exhibiting some of my work there and will be selling some of my original artwork - I just need to get some frames!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Artwork at Slippery Jacks

I'm really pleased to have teamed up with Slippery Jacks who are selling my "witchy/pagan" images on their site. This is a wonderful opportunity and I'm really looking forward to working with them.  Click on the link to buy cards (£1.99) and prints (£9.99).
Shop at Slippery Jacks

I've also updated my website with a new page!
New Page on my Website