Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summerhill Glen, Douglas, Isle of Man

Dolphin Rocks, Summerhill Glen.
I took some of my art materials with me whilst visiting the Isle of Man, and had the opportunity to create a couple of life drawings. I completed most of the work during my stay but added dark acrylic paint on my return. These two pieces are created using mixed media and consist of pen, graphite crayon, black watercolour pencil/paint and acrylic paint.

I really enjoyed creating these pieces and will certainly make time to do some more life drawing in September, when I visit the Lake District. This will be good experience as I haven't actually done any landscape drawing. I'm hoping to continue my exploration of mark making to create some new and interesting pieces.

Stairway, Summerhill Glen.
Prints of these images will be up for
sale shortly on my online shops.

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